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Welcome to Kiteboarding Australia ('KA'). Please bear with us as we transition from the old AKSA website to a new improved online home of KA.

What does KA do?

  • KA works for all kiteboarders, not just its members.
  • KA works with its state member associations and local kiteboarding groups to ensure access to beaches and waterways across Australia are protected; wherever possible; for all kiteboarders.
  • KA provides local, regional and national authorities a point of contact to gain accurate information necessary for decision making and regulation regarding our sport.
  • KA ensures our sport is well represented to the media to promote goodwill and understanding between kiteboarders; other beach users.
  • KA provides safety information and accident prevention measures for all kiteboarders.
  • KA gives both the Australian and overseas public a point of contact for information, news and queries relating to kiteboarding in Australia.
  • KA provides a conduit of communication between the state KSAs so that all can benefit through cooperative action, sharing of ideas and the promotion of a unified national team throughout the whole of Australia.
  • Non-members are all benefiting in some way even though they are not directly supporting the KA federation. We encourage non-members to embrace the opportunity to join and support the commitment of AKSA; its affiliated associations; their committees and volunteers along with enjoying all the direct and indirect benefits KA membership offers. Membership itself, and the insurance it provides, is our greatest asset in presenting a strong pro-active voice in favour of kiting. Every uninsured kiteboarder is both a real and potential liability.

KA Membership

When you join or re-enrol with KA you will receive a National ID Tag and membership card. Tags provide proof of current membership by having a new colour issued each year. They allow fellow kiteboarder and local authorities; including councils and surf lifesaving clubs etc.; to identify our members. The KA ID Tag is to be attached to your harness at all times. Replacement Tags are available for a $15 charge, so please secure your tag correctly. It has become a necessary prerequisite to kiteboard in a number of key locations across Australia where restrictions have been imposed. Check your state location guides for details.

Your card and tag both have your tag number and the expiry date when your membership is due for renewal.

Membership gives you $10m in Third Party Public Liability Insurance whilst kiteboarding anywhere within Australia and overseas (excluding USA & Canada). Combine this with the development of our Safe Kiting Guidelines and other regulatory initiatives gives the sport valuable recognition and safety assurance in the eyes of councils, government bodies and local authorities.

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